Saturday, 6 September 2008

First Vid!!!

This is the first vid from this year's NYA. Hopefully many more to come but there is a LOT going on so maybe not as many TShirt Suntan vids as we'd like.



Shona McNicoll said...

I'm completely shocked at you forgeting the word GUITARS!!!! I didn't think it was possible!!! lol And I like your wee mention about Tesco! I'm gonna miss that place, even if it is just 3 miles (acording to google) from my house lol I never go to it unless I'm at NYA & then I'd be there like 5 times in a weekend!!! Oh, & look, I'm rambling on AGAIN!

love ya xxx

Burnsy said...

rambling is fun. and i was disgusted @ myslf for forgetting guitars. watch the vid again and watch my face when i realise what i have done.